Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

Well, it’s finally here. Super Bowl Sunday. The one day a year most of the country goes stupid.

Big screen TV’s are purchased. Beer sales at all-time highs. Chips, pretzels, dips, and varied and sundried other items are consumed en masse.

All because of a little game called ‘football’. This year it appears it’s The Saints vs. The Colts. Confession time. I don’t even know what cities these teams are from. I don’t have bets riding on either side, and actually don’t care which one wins. The outcome of this game will have absolutely NO effect on my life whatsoever, so why should I? “We won!” – what we? Did you play? Did you call the plays? Are you getting WAY too much money to chase a little ball around and get your body banged up?

It’s called ‘entertainment’. That’s all it really is. Keep it in perspective. Enjoy the game for what it really is, a program to fill time between commercials! Usually the ‘best’ commercials of the year and certainly the most expensive. This year is not without controversy either. It should be interesting.

Enjoy the game, have a great day! For those like me, who only watch for the commercials (the rest of you too), enjoy this little clip featuring Greg Benson, Jonathan Coulton and Paul & Storm.

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  1. Hahahaha! Thats cool. Guess you're not a football fan. Well, me either specificly but I do enjoy the parties. It's a good opportunity to irrritate my friends by rooting for whoever their opposing team is. even though I have no idea whatsoever who they are.
    Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. Tonight, I'll be hosting to my three cousins from Texas. I haven't had the opportunity to harass them since childhood (still chuckles at the bull whip incident) so I will make every second count. It may be years before I can do so again.