Sunday, March 14, 2010

Son, Brother, Husband, Father – RIP Brian Pfeiffer

This weekend, I had to say goodbye to one of my little brothers, again.  Brian was taken from us very unexpectedly from a heart attack.  Odd thing is, he was in the hospital getting checked out, when he coded during his stress test. Despite their best efforts, he could not be brought back.

Like a lot of us, he had a troubled youth, but turned out to be a hard-working, hard-loving husband and father. He found the love of his life in Vickie Randazzo. They married, he raised her 2 boys as his own, and they had a daughter together. And for the last 21 years have been together happily. He made his family his life, and worked very hard to make sure they wanted for nothing. My heart goes out to my ‘sister’ and her kids. This is more pain than one should have to endure.

As the oldest in the ‘gang’, all of my brothers and sisters are ‘baby brothers and baby sisters’. This is the second time that we have had to say goodbye to one of our own, both way too soon. I also lost my brother Roy long ago to illness. Of course, my mother is not handling this well, and I am doing my best to help get her through this. A mother should not have to bury her sons, and there is no cure for that kind of hurt.

We had the viewing, and a very nice memorial service for Brian this weekend. It was good to see all the people who also loved and cared for Brian and his family. And, even though to the outside world our family may not seem ‘close’, there is an unspoken love that exists between siblings/family, that knows no bounds. In time, the hurt will subside, and life will go on, but Brian will never be forgotten.

If what is said and imagined is true, and the internet preserves things ‘forever’, I post this as an everlasting tribute to one of my own. Below is a video slide show I created for his memorial service. Pictures provided by myself, my sister Dawn, and my mom. The music is his favorite song, and as a hockey fan, the Red Wings songs.

Goodbye my brother…

Brian Lee Pfeiffer

Nov. 2, 1964 – Mar. 10, 2010


  1. Doc;

    This is a beautiful tribute to your brother. Not the just slideshow, but this entry itself.

    It's difficult to say the things that I would like to say to you without them sounding trite and cliched.

    So I'm just going to sit quietly at your side, lending what support I can, and my shoulder should you need it.

    You're an incredible man, Doc, with an even more incredible heart.


  2. Doc, this is beautiful. I hope the grief eases soon and turns into nothing but the happy memories you all have.