Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Ruminations and requests:

Dear friends and readers,

If you are reading we have made it through another bittersweet year. Some have gained, some have lost, and life goes on. Take time during these holidays (whatever one you celebrate) to enjoy and appreciate all the people and things you do have in your life. A good example would be just the ability to be reading this makes you a part of the small percentage of the world that CAN. #FirstWorldProblems

Whether we are friends online or in meatspace (or both) know that you are all in my thoughts today especially. Being bi-polar, single, lower-income, living with mom and grandma as (excuse the language) “house nigger”, and not seeing my daughter for the last 20 something years, the holidays can be a very trying and depressing time for me. Over the years I have grown lonely and bitter. But now, having a big, basically loving family, and many, many, various online friends, I am no longer so bitter and lonely. Through years of therapy and medication I have learned how to handle the mood swings reasonably well. So thank you to you all for looking past the BS and still being my friends.

I hope you all are enjoying your holiday and that life treats you well. If you wanted something, I hope you got it.

For the new year, I promise to be the same smart-assed, friendly, filthy, offensive, disgusting Doctor you have grown to know and love. If not more so. Please use the comments section here, or contact me via email with your questions about men, women, relationships, well, basically ANYTHING, and I will post NO BULLSHIT, UGLY TRUTH, answers here.  Keep in mind that nothing will be meant personally and sometimes will be said jokingly, but will always be HONEST. I have 53 years of experience to share with those who want to know what to really expect out of life. I’ve had more jobs, and more ups n downs than most people, and can offer my ‘unique’ perspective on life. I think this could be a fun thing to do, and make for a very interesting blog, so please contribute and share.

All I want for Christmas is for you to watch my video, give it a thumbs up and/or comment, and maybe even subscribe to my channel as I have more videos in the works as I type this. My channel is

Now, watch and enjoy!

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